Prep School

john-quincy-adams-pictureI wanted to be a college professor; I wound up as a prep school History teacher.  But I still had a lot of fun for a good long time, and I never regretted the direction my teaching career had taken.  The posts below help to explain why.

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  1. “That’s Why They Paid Me the Big Bucks”–May 15, 2014.

2.  Testifyin’ at the PDC–November 15, 2014.

3.  “Teaching 21st-Century Students”–September 1, 2016.

4.  Teaching Prep School with a PhD, 1–November 6, 2012.

5.  Teaching Prep School with a PhD, 2–December 1, 2013.

6.  Teaching Prep School with a PhD, 3–October 16, 2016.

7.  The Book That Changed My Life–February 13, 2013.

8.  We’ve All Got to Start Somewhere, I Suppose–February 1, 2011.

9. High School, Now–and Then–September 1, 2012.

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For  those interested in reading more of my reflections on history, here are links to several books on the subject:

REABP CoverRancorous Enmities and Blind Partialities:  Parties and Factions in Georgia, 1807-1845 (University Press of America, 2015)

Pursuit Cover

In Pursuit of Dead Georgians:  One Historian’s Excursions into the History of His Adopted State (iUniverse, 2015)

POTP Cover

Politics on the Periphery:  Factions and Parties in Georgia, 1783-1806 (University of Delaware Press, 1986)